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Database of knowledge includes dozens of topics, procedures, instructions and technical solutions. Help contains sorted topics including the most frequently asked questions of clients.
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Professional Support Team

Our professional and helpful support team is ready to assist you with any issues or answer any questions you have. Contact us from your Control panel account, fill contact form or write us an e-mail.
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Community Support

One of the most important element is our Community Board. We highly appreciate our community members and their shared knowledge. Let’s talk with us and get help from our community.
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You can contact our customer support for all questions and requirements on our services. She is ready to answer general questions, help with specific settings, direct you to detailed information and solve everything about orders, payments and billing. In co-operation with administrators, it will also help you solve individual requests within the offered options for customizing individual services. It is best to deal with technical issues in writing, not by phone or chat.

Customer support is not generally intended to address third-party support for third-party services or applications or to collaborate on processing your applications or sites (coder, programmer, analytics, or other work). These issues should be directed to specialists, authors or customer support for the applications.

Frequently Asked Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

What is the operational time of Support Team?

For VIP Membership is Support Team available 24/7.
For our Free members is Support Team available every business day from 08:00 to 17:00.

Do you provide phone support?

Phone support is not available in this time. Either for VIP members.

What about Nuclear.Hosting Services? What is your webhosting about and what else you provide?

In depends on membership type, we have two webhosting services: Free and VIP (same like a memberships).

The difference is:

Free webhosting is totally free – no fees, no charges. You can enjoy Free web hosting for one domain with 10 GB total disk storage (divided between email, database and web storage). The various limits (eg. PHP, FUP, FTP) are a little bit lower than VIP and there are not included all services (eg. Git, SSH access). But, it is still full-fledged web hosting for your blog, eshop or any website.

VIP webhosting as part of VIP subscription is totally unlimited. It means the unlimited number of domains (and web hostings), unlimited disk storage (email, databases, web), unlimited email accounts, big limits (eg. PHP, FUP) and included full-range of services (eg. GIT, SSH).

Beside of standard hosting services, Nuclear.Hosting provide for VIP members some special services like:

  • NAS Storage
  • VPN Service
  • XMPP / Jabber
  • And much more in the future

See full web hosting comparison here.

Why is Nuclear.Hosting based on OpenSource technologies?

OpenSource idea is very close to our Community idea. It’s about sharing, about people, it’s about to be open. We like to share our codes with community and improving things together. Together we are building better and safer services with better software code. We have no secrets before our community. We are fair and open.

In Nuclear.Hosting we are using only OpenSource software and technologies. No any “black boxes” or paid, commercial products.

What is NHCoin? How can I get some NHCoin tokens? How can I use NHCoin tokens?
NHCoin is a ERC-20 crypto token / coin based on Ethereum Cryptocurrency network. NHCoin is our Nuclear.Hosting token.

Full information about NHCoin can be found here.

What is the minimal subscription period for VIP?

Minimum subscription period for VIP membership is 3 months. You can subscribe for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

When you subscribe for 12 months period you get 2 months free for first 12 months.

Can I change subscription period anytime?

Sure, you can change your subsbription period anytime. If you like to, just contact our Support Team.

How can I pay for subscription?

There are several ways how to pay for your subscription:

  • Bank transfer (SEPA ONLY): We have bank account in EUR, GBP and USD currencies. Default invoice currency is EUR, if you like to chnage the currency, contact our Support Team.
  • PayPal: you can pay online with PayPal. You can transfer money from your PayPal account or with you credit / debit card with PayPal.
  • Cryptocurrency: we accept cryptocurrencies payments. Currently we accept BTC, LTC, ETH and XMR. Our payment gateway support live currency conversion with guaranteed conversion rate during 15 minutes (enought time to complete payment with all crypto transaction confirmations).
  • NHCoin Tokens: If you have enought NHCoin tokens, you can pay with this Tokens. More info about NHTokens you can find here.

Payment gateway for online payment methods is here.

Can I upgrade my membership from Free to VIP?

Sure, upgrade from Free membership to VIP membership is possible. You only need to contact our Support Team.

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