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Privacy Policy

We guarantee that we ensure the processing of personal data using standard procedures and technologies. In connection with the processing of personal data, we regularly check for possible weaknesses and at the same time evaluate incidents and the use of such security measures that can be reasonably required to prevent unauthorized access to the processed data. We regularly update the security measures taken.


The company All2U services s.r.o., Company number: 52500471, registered office: Karpatske namestie 10A, Bratislava, 831 06, Slovak Republic (hereinafter also “Provider”) is the provider of information systems in which this company processes your personal data as personal data of the data subject.

The Provider processes personal data in accordance with the legal order of the Slovak Republic, in particular the GDPR Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Act, transparently and fairly, while paying maximum attention to the privacy of the persons concerned and to the protection of personal data it processes.

Reasons for processing personal data

The processing of obtained and provided personal data is a necessary part of the Providers’ activities. Without the processing of personal data, it would not be able to provide its clients, potential clients, business partners or other affected persons with its services to the required extent and quality.

Basis for the processing of personal data

The current legislation allows the processing of personal data on the basis of several legal bases, while the processing of personal data may take place without the consent of the data subject.

Unless there is another legal basis for the processing of personal data, personal data will only be processed on the basis and to the extent of the consent of the data subject.

Provision of data

Personal data processed by the Provider may also be processed by third parties, provided that the Provider so decides, or the obligation to provide personal data follows from the legal order of the Slovak Republic.

In cases where the choice of the recipient of personal data is up to the Provider, the Provider always takes care to ensure a high standard of personal data protection of the data subject when selecting these partners.

The personal data of the data subject may be processed in countries of the European Union and countries that are party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. The transfer of personal data can only take place in third countries whose legal regime is considered by the European Commission to ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data.

Recipients of personal data processed by the Provider can be divided into the following categories:

  • business partners providing physical and program service of the Provider’s information technologies, especially information systems, computer programs and servers, necessary for the performance of the Provider’s business activities,
  • business partners providing services in the field of advertising and marketing of the Provider,
  • business partners ensuring the fulfilment of the Provider’s obligations in the area of legal services, human resources, taxes, audit and accounting,
  • registration authorities in the performance of the Provider’s business activities,
  • public administration bodies, in cases where the Provider is obliged to provide personal data from a generally binding legal regulation or decision of a public administration body (especially courts, bodies active in criminal proceedings, executors).

Protection of personal data

The Provider processes personal data manually or using electronic information systems. The controller has taken all necessary measures not only of a technical or also of a personnel and control nature in order to keep the level of personal data protection as high as possible.

Rights of the person concerned

The person concerned has a right:

  • request from the Provider access to personal data concerning the data subject,
  • to correct, delete or restrict the processing of personal data,
  • object to the processing of personal data,
  • for the portability of personal data,
  • to submit a complaint or a proposal to initiate proceedings to the supervisory body, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic,
  • revoke your consent to the processing of personal data at any time.

Questions related to the protection of personal data may be sent by the data subject by e-mail to the address: or by post to the address of the Provider’s registered office.

The Provider is obliged to notify the data subject without undue delay of a personal data breach, if such a breach of personal data protection may lead to a high risk to the data subject’s rights.


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