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Nuclear.Hosting Idea & Why we are differentNuclear.Hosting is a Community Webhosting provider.

Why is Nuclear.Hosting Different

Community Hosting

NH services are made by a community. We are building the hosting community. Together we are building and creating better and best hosting services. Our community members help and share to every other member with any issue. Our NH community is open to everyone.

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Membership & Fair Pricing

By Joining to Nuclear.Hosting you are subscribing to Nuclear.Hosting Community. It is up to you if you wish to be Free or VIP member. Webhosting is just one of them. We have two memberships: Free and VIP. Nuclear.Hosting services are for it’s members. We are family, you are member, not customer!

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We are open, we share with you and with a community. We do not waste money on commercial software or “black box” technologies. We love the opensource idea. We’re using only opensource technologies and software, we are developing under opensource license and sharing our ideas and know-how.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About us, our philosophy
What is Nuclear.Hosting Community? Why is so important? Please, tell me more.

Nuclear.Hosting Community is one of the basic pillars of the entire Nuclear.Hosting project. Our community is what’s all about and what the very essence of the project is. In our community we support each other, we discuss our issues, ideas. The community determines the direction and further development of services. Nuclear.Hosting is a community project. Services that Nuclear.Hosting provide are based for community members. Community also provide tech support for own members. Community member can unrestrictedly and freely use the services that NH provides (in the extent of membership).

The key roles of the community are:

  • Provide tech support for NH Community members with using NH services (webhosting, VPN, NAS, etc.)
  • Provide support with members issues or problems with their projects or apps.
  • Teach and learn from each other members.
  • Improving Nuclear.Hosting services and features.
  • Bringing ideas about new NH features or services.
  • Propose and determine Nuclear.Hosting direction (voting)
  • Discuss and about whatever topics, enjoying great people all around and taking fun 🙂
What about Nuclear.Hosting Services? What is your webhosting about and what else you provide?

Webhosting is the primary and main Nuclear.Hosting product which is provided for members. In depends on membership type, we have two webhosting services: Free and VIP (same like a memberships).

The difference is:

Free webhosting is totaly free – no fees, no charges. You can enjoy Free webhosting for one domain with 10 GB total disk storage (divided between email, database and web storage). The various limits (eg. PHP, FUP, FTP) are little bit lower than VIP and there are not included all services (eg. Git, SSH access). But, it is still full-fledged webhosting for your blog, eshop or any website. Detail information and full features list you can find here.

VIP webhosting as part of VIP subscription is totally unlimited. It mean unlimited number of domains (and webhostings), unlimited disk storage (email, databases, web), unlimited email accounts, big limites (eg. PHP, FUP) and included full-range of services (eg. GIT, SSH). Detail information and full features list you can find here.

Beside of standard hosting services, Nuclear.Hosting provide for VIP members some special services like:

  • NAS Storage
  • VPN Service
  • XMPP / Jabber
  • Private Cryptocurrencies Mining Pools
  • And much more in the future

Full list of additional VIP Services you can find here. These services are dedicated only for VIP members.

You can compare Free and VIP webhosting here.

How NH membership works? How to become member, what is my members rights?

Well, like we told before, we do not have customers, we have members. There are two types of memberships – Free and VIP.

To become Nuclear.Hosting member you have to register (create account, sign-up). Nuclear.Hosting Community board account will be created automatically. Click here to go to Sign-Up page.

If you register only on Community board¨, you are not regular and rightful Nuclear.Hosting member, you are just board “visitor” with limited board rights and zero NH Community rights. If you already registered as a regular Nuclear.Hosting member and have board account created previously, we automatically pair both accounts and switch your board registration to full membership account.

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How your Support works? Did you provide support for members? How can I contact tech support?

Support for all Nuclear.Hosting services (Free and VIP) is provided primary by our Community. Community members are helping each other. In community board are also active our pro support guys, so they can help you with more tech issues with NH services. If you are Free member and need admin help or admin intervention, you can buy VIP Support Team email ticket (or use your NHCoin Tokens) or write your issue in NH Community Board.

For VIP members is also available VIP Support Team, almost 24/7. VIP Support Team can contact by email or open a new ticket from your Control Panel account.

Currently, we offer only live chat support (for VIP members) or email support. Phone support is not available.

Read more about our Support.

Why is Nuclear.Hosting based on OpenSource technologies and why NH contribute to OpenSource projects?

OpenSource idea is very close to our Community idea. It’s about sharing, about people, it’s about to be open. We like to share our codes with community and improving things together. Together we are building better and safer services with better software code. We have no secrets before our community. We are fair and open.

In Nuclear.Hosting we are using only OpenSource software and technologies. No any “black boxes” or paid, commercial products.

What is NHCoin? How can I get some NHCoin tokens? How can I use NHCoin tokens?

NHCoin is a ERC-20 crypto token / coin based on Ethereum Cryptocurrency network. NHCoin is our Nuclear.Hosting token.

Full information about NHCoin can be found here.

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