PHP (an acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language that’s generally used in “server-side” web development.

Supported PHP versions

PHP version Supported Note
PHP5.3 Not developed since 2014
PHP5.4 Not developed since 2015
PHP5.5 Not developed since 2014
PHP5.6 Deprecated, not developed since 2019, upgrade ASAP to 7.X


We highly suggest you to always using newest PHP version for your website. Besides permormance reasons (newer PHP version has much more higher performance and radically can speed-up your website loading time), its security reasons and support from developers. Older PHP versions are hard to carry on on newest operating systems with latest upgrades.

How to change a PHP version for a website

Every hosting / website can use different PHP versions (within supported PHP versions). The change PHP version for a specific hosting you is simple fromHosting Control Panel.

In your Hosting Control Panel navigate to Sites and click on the website where you want to change PHP version on. In the PHP Version select a version you want to use and just click on the Save button.


Your website has to be prepared and support your chosen PHP. Eg. application made for PHP5.6 will not work with PHP7.3 probably. Before changing PHP version make sure your application is prepared.